We focus on prostate cancer -  to help you implement the science of nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management so that you live with better health than before your diagnosis.  And we believe this approach is real medicine.

The CaPLESS Method (CM) is a science-based system to help men live his best life after prostate cancer.  

“CaP”—Carcinoma of the Prostate: This is the medical term for prostate cancer.  

“L”—Lifestyle: By becoming aware of your habits and behaviors, you can begin to make choices that protect you.  

“E” —Eating (Exercise/movement): Food is medicine. The right type of exercise is medicine. The focus is to identify and consume the best foods and move your body, with intensity, about four hours a week.

“S”—Supplements: A judicious mix of dietary supplements is an integral part of your protective arsenal.  

“S”—Sleep (and Stress tolerance): With the right tools, you can stress less and sleep more - two areas essential to renew your health.

After counseling thousands of prostate cancer patients, reviewing scores of scientific papers and attending hundreds of scientific meetings, Dr. Geo developed the CaPLESS Method to help men create a microenvironment hostile to cancer and to improve your longevity. 

The CaPLESS Method (CM) accomplishes this by modulating five pathways involved in carcinogenesis and unhealthy cells:  

  1. Reduce excess production of inflammatory chemicals like; Nuclear Kappa of activated b-cells (NK-fB), Lipoxygenase (LOX) and Cyclooxygenase (COX)  
  2. Strengthen your immune system. The immune system, especially natural T killer cells (NK cells) and T-lymphocytes are like armed soldiers in your body. They need to be loaded and ready to fight.  
  3. Reducing blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity, both of which contribute to cancer development, cancer progression and early mortality from all causes.  
  4. Enhancing detoxification capacity by improving the balance between phase 1 and phase 2 biotransformation. That helps your body rid itself of junk and potentially carcinogenic chemicals in your environment after exposure.  
  5. Oxidative stress protection by eating protective foods and consuming balanced antioxidant supplements.  

Lastly, the CM is an effective,  sustainable program for men who are seriously interested in living longer and stronger after prostate cancer.

We welcome you to join the movement.